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Microtunnelling is the most accurate non-disruptive method of installing pipelines in the range of 250mm to 3000mm by remote controlled, laser guided mechanically excavating Tunnel Boring Machines. Micro-Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM’s) are designed to install pipelines without disturbing the ground surface, roads or existing utility services. They can bore in all types of soil including sands, silt, rock, clay, gravel, and cobble stones at depths generally up to 50 meters below water table. Our projects in the Middle East have ranged in pipe diameters from 800 mm to 1800 mm with drive lengths exceeding 400 meters. Since the company inception in Nov 2008 and up to the summer of 2011, over 18 km of pipes have been installed using the microtunneling method in difficult soil conditions including clay, very loose sands, gravel, silts, rocks and cobbles under high groundwater pressures.

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